Honor and Courage - World War II Digital Audio Exhibit

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During 2005-2006, the Crossroads Museum received a grant called the Veterans History Project. The grant enabled the museum to collect local Veteran interviews to be preseved through the years. Former exective director Kristy White and former librarian Rosemary Fisher conducted the interviews. We recently transfered those interviews from cassette tape to MP3 for everyone to hear our local Veteran's tell their stories. Each interview is one hour long and has been broken into two files for easier download. We have used a universal Internet audio player provided by Yahoo, so no need to download each audio file as the file will stream inside your browser.

If you have questions, please e-mail director@crossroadsmuseum.com

John E. Bell
James R. Boyd
William “Willie” J. Cartwright
Harris K. Counce, Jr.
Donald W. Cowell
Thomas B. Dabney
Nita Dees
Harold D. Graves
Irmgard Griffin
Dorothy Hassletine
Joe Marvin McKewen
Albert Hudson Mills
Leo Norman

William “Bill” T. Paden
Leo Prussia
James H. Rorie
William S. Rutherford
Benjamin P. Thornton
Annie Katherine Wilder
John “Roscoe” Woodruff
R.C. “Jack” Woodruff
Clifford Green Worsham
Leroy W. Worsham


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