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Nita Green Dees

Veteran: Nita Green Dees
Place of Birth: Alcorn Co. Hinkle
Birth Date: 7-6-22
Branch of Service or Wartime Activity: Clerk for Alcorn Co. Draft Board
Dates of Enlistment/Service: 1940-1944
War(s) in which served: World War II
Locations of military service: Civilian Service
Medals: Special Recognition From President of USA

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This picture was made Nov. 14, 1941. I am a clerk at Draft Board in Corinth, Miss. I love my job but oh how sad to see all of our friends and loved ones march off to war. This dress was worn first time to a donkey basketball game at Farmington gym with Cpl. James McKerr of Co. 7 and 155th Infantry and his cousin and date Nov. 1, 1941. These are sad days for all of us but we are making the best of war clouds and looking forward to normal living.

Made March 2, 1943

No young men around Corinth now. My girlfriends and I make entertainment for ourselves. I am a Civil service employee of Selection Service and called the Draft Board in Corinth, MS. for Alcorn County. I am so sad every time a group are called for physicals at Camp Shelby! I look at each one and wonder if they will come back to their loved ones. We all are touched by this war and May God give us a victory soon.

I play piano for "The Michie Harmony Girls" and we entertain far and near and hope to bring a little cheer to Home Folks!

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